Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Flatgrey Archives Volume I now available

The first installment of the flatgrey archives series is now available.
limited edition of 50
30 minutes total run time.
featuring all black cassettes with printed sticker on the A program.
Encased with a greenback plastic case and artwork, cut, glued, folded and shellac-ed by hand.
tape 5$ each, or 6$ including shipping.
contact flatgreyATgmail for ordering

Thursday, July 14, 2011

new release series forthcoming.

within the next year there will be a series of 10 c30 cassette releases  entitled Flatgrey Achives volumes 1 through 10.  The primary focus of these releases will be to unearth/re-edit old, lost and mostly unreleased recorded works spanning the last 10 years performing and recording as flatgrey. The first volume will be available within one month. and the other nine to follow shortly thereafter.

Friday, May 13, 2011


free albums for download:
click the links to get the files....

Abhorrent AD tape release:


Ambiance through attrition:

Crest and Break:

Drone Sessions:

Fell Thrush:



RunDownSun Self titled C30:

record review

translated from japanese using internet translator...

Thick high frequency electronics escapes and there is no place and approaches and like the wall which comes, from the tympanic membrane putting on the encephalon, quite like sandstorm of the desert, it is to suffocate us with the A aspect which surges and, a little to hold down tremendous pressure the tend, in order for the sound where many layers are repeated to come and to be raised the weir the B aspect which rises discomfort index. The being disgusted [ya], in the future is the pleasure the band the [wa]! Including also the package which elaborated to unpleasant feeling, permanent collection decision of the individual!!
-reveiw from
Electronic noise/[denzatsu] COM
The tokyo Shibuya Ku thousand inferior valleys 5-8-5
Bamboo 嶋 apartment 58

flatgrey music video


iam in the process of uploading as many of the old show flyers and posters as possible, here's the first batch...